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John, -Z does not appear to help:

$ sudo dtrace -Z -n 'pid$target::PyEval_EvalFrameEx:entry' -c python   
dtrace: description 'pid$target::PyEval_EvalFrameEx:entry' matched 0 probes

I'm not sure how that would help. If I'm reading the man page correctly,
that just let's dtrace continue on even when the probe specifiers do not
match anything. It still doesn't let me probe these functions.

The only modification I made to phelper.d was to add the stanza of
#defines given a few messages up. The failing line expands in the C
preprocessor to this line (expanding at_evalframe(), then startframe and

dtrace:helper:ustack: /((uintptr_t)arg0 >=
((uintptr_t)&``PyEval_EvalFrameEx) &&      (uintptr_t)arg0 < (

This is based on the phelper.d in dtrace.diff attached to this ticket by
Skip. It is the same (modulo my #defines) as the phelper.d in
Python26-07-dtrace.diff from OpenSolaris as linked by Ted.

Hmm, I am applying this to Python 2.5.4, though. Perhaps I need to go
back to the Python25-07-dtrace.diff, which does appear to use
PyEval_EvalFrame. PyEval_EvalFrameEx is in Python 2.5, so I thought I
would try the latest and greatest.

If I were to process it with dtrace -h, do you think that I could name
it as a .c and compile it into an object file with gcc? Or does dtrace
-G do significantly more stuff behind the scenes to generate its object
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