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Date 2009-04-22.06:41:44
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Got a bit farther. Adding this stanza to the top of phelper.d gets past
the issues in the headers:

#ifdef __APPLE__
#define _SYS_TIME_H_
#define _SYS_SELECT_H_
#define __MATH_H__
#define _FD_SET
#define __GNUC_VA_LIST
#endif /* __APPLE__ */

However, I now get a more legitimate dtrace compilation error that John
might be able to help us interpret:

$ dtrace -o /Users/rkern/hg/Python-2.5.4/Include/phelper.h -DPHELPER 
-I. -IInclude -I/Users/rkern/hg/Python-2.5.4/Include  -C -h -s
dtrace: failed to compile script
/Users/rkern/hg/Python-2.5.4/Include/phelper.d: line 110: relocation
remains against user symbol D``PyEval_EvalFrameEx (offset 0x5)

I also tried running this without -DPHELPER as a regular DTrace script
rather than a ustack helper and ran into a problem that I've noticed
with any OS X Python build I've tried. I cannot seem to probe any of the
C functions in the Python interpreter. There are no simply
pid$target:a.out:: probes available. I'm wondering if that is an effect
of their being in a .framework, but I think I've been able to probe
other symbols other .frameworks.
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