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Here are some comments. In general, I think the changes to are
unwarranted (even though I dislike the naming of _checkReadable and
File Lib/ (left):
Line 370: def _checkReadable(self, msg=None):
Not sure why you're removing it. Currently it's used in Lib/
Line 384: def _checkWritable(self, msg=None):
Same question as for _checkReadable().
File Lib/test/ (right):
Line 1121: self.assertTrue(pair.readable)
This is probably `pair.readable()` and not `pair.readable`.
Line 1125: self.assertTrue(pair.writable)
Same comment as for readable above.
Line 1126:
There should probably be a test for seekable() as well.
File Modules/_io/bufferedio.c (right):
Line 1876: Py_DECREF(self->reader);
You must use Py_CLEAR so that there is no double free when calling

Please review this at

Affected files:
   M     Lib/
   M     Lib/test/
   M     Modules/_io/bufferedio.c
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