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Author ngie
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Date 2009-04-05.07:25:50
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I think some perspective is required on this enhancement request. I
originally filed this issue -- --
because of the unneeded complexity involved with duplicating
teardown-related code in setUp because of a step in setUp failing.

From my perspective, there are two issues:

- setUp failing doesn't cleanup on failure unless the test writer
explicitly adds cleanup logic.
- cleanup shouldn't partially replace tearDown -- either supplement it
or completely replace it longterm. Otherwise the unittest code and
expectations associated with it will potentially confuse end users.

Another thought: Why not have an option for defining a method called
`incrementalTearDown', which replaces `tearDown' from a functional
standpoint? A method like that would clearly convey that this is
designed to replace tearDown, it's not the same functionally, and would
ease migration over the long-term if people chose to use this design
when writing testcases.

I personally think that doing something like this would be trivial (yet
novel) functionality as it makes more sense than the current
implementation of setUp->test->tearDown.
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