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Here's a question: How do we fix 2.6?

From what I've read, the only answer I've heard is "revert to 2.5 in 
2.6.2", which has the same issues as adding True/False in 2.2 .

I agree that Zope not working in 2.6 is a problem, I agree that the 
documentation for asyncore is lacking, I agree that I probably wasn't as 
vocal as I could have been prior to the changes, I agree that 3rd 
parties relying on internal implementation details not covered in the 
limited documentation is a problem, I agree that we need to figure 
something out for asyncore 2.7 and beyond, I agree that we need to 
figure something out for asyncore 2.6 issues related to Zope and Medusa, 

I'm happy to take the blame for changing asyncore internals in Python 
2.6 .  And I've not stated otherwise in any forum.  At the time I 
thought it was the right thing to do.  If I could change the code 
retroactively, I would probably do so.

But it seems to me that "fork asyncore", "pull asyncore out of the 
stdlib", and "revert to 2.5" are all variants of the cliche "throwing 
the baby out with the bathwater".  There are good bug fixes in 2.6, and 
depending on how much of the internals that Zope and/or medusa rely on, 
we might even be able to write a short wrapper/adapter to throw in to 
Zope and/or asyncore.

I'll contact Tres and Jim, and hopefully be able to come to some 
reasonable solution.
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