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I guess the Zope developers aren't that tuned in to core Python
developement.  They were sorely bitten.  I don't think you can claim
that users should be tuned in to python-dev just to assure their
favorite module isn't removed or broken.  It behooves you to request
their feedback now that you know there still are asyncore users, not to
hijack the module for your own purposes.

IIRC one option discussed at the summit was to restore asyncore to its
pre-2.5 state and to slowly end-of-life it, giving Zope and other users
plenty of time to start maintaining their own copy (which they've
half-done already with all the monkey-patching that goes on :-), and
create a new module with a better specified API that won't require users
to use undocumented internals.  Part of this (even if we don't actually
roll it back to the 2.5 version, which is controversial) would be not
adding new features.
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