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IIRC, there was a threat to remove asyncore because there were no 
maintainers, no one was fixing bugs, no one was improving it, and no one 
was really using it (I believe the claim was that people were just using 
Twisted).  The patches that were ultimately committed to 2.6 and 3.0 
were committed 3 months prior to 2.6 release, after having languished 
for over a year because no one would review them.  If people care about 
where asyncore/asynchat are going, then it is *their* responsibility to 
at least make an effort in paying attention at least once every few 
months or so.

The delayed calls feature discussed in the current bug doesn't alter the 
behavior of previously existing code, except there are additional checks 
for pending tasks to be executed.  If people never use the call_later() 
API, it is unlikely they will experience any difference in behavior.

If you are concerned about the sched module, I'd be happy to do a search 
for it's use to verify that people aren't relying on it's internal 
implementation, only the features of it's external API.
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