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Date 2009-03-27.13:47:36
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Thanks for the patch.  A couple of questions and comments:

(1) at line 300-ish of test_struct, should (struct.error, TypeError) be 
(struct.error, OverflowError)?  I don't think out-of-range values should 
be raising TypeError.  If they are, perhaps we should change that.

(2) It looks like the deprecated_err function isn't needed any more 
(yay!);  let's remove it.

(3) I'd prefer to keep the test_1229380 bit, but just replace the 
deprecated_err with an assertRaises, just like you already did further 
up.  As far as I can see those tests aren't entirely duplicated by 
others, and one can never have too many tests...
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