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Date 2009-03-26.17:41:33
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Le jeudi 26 mars 2009 à 17:26 +0000, STINNER Victor a écrit :
> STINNER Victor <> added the comment:
> > - I'm not sure why you make self->ok handling more complicated than it was
> tell() requires self->ok=1. I choosed to reset self->ok to zero on error, but 
> it's maybe useless.

You are calling tell() on the underlying binary buffer, not on the
TextIOWrapper object. So self->ok should have no impact. Am I missing

> self>encodefunc value have to be changed because <encoder>.setstate() changes 
> the encoding function: UTF-16 => UTF-16-LE or UTF-16-BE.

I know, but then the logic should probably be changed and use an
additional struct member to signal that the start of file has been
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