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I'm glad to have discovered this topic. I bumped into something similar
when I toyed with an interactive interpreter.

from code import InteractiveInterpreter

ii = InteractiveInterpreter()
source = ...

What should be the encoding and/or the type (str, bytes) of the "source"
string? Taking into account the encoding of the script which contains
this code, I have the feeling there is always something going wrong,
this can be a "non ascii" char in the source (encoded in utf-8!) or the
interactive interpreter does not accept very well a byte string
representing a utf-8 encoded string.

IDLE is not suffering from this. Its interactive interpreter is somehow
receiving "ucs-2 ready string" from tkinter.

I'm a little bit confused here (win2k, winXP sp2, Python 3.0.1).
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