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Date 2009-03-07.11:27:05
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I don't think it will be possible to accept these patches in the current
form and way in which they are presented. I randomly picked
issue2636-features-2.diff, and see that it contains lots of style and
formatting changes, which is completely taboo for this kind of contribution.

I propose to split up the patches into separate tracker issues, one
issue per proposed new feature. No need to migrate all changes to new
issues - start with the one single change that you think is already
complete, and acceptance is likely without debate. Leave a note in this
issue what change has been moved to what issue.

For each such new issue, describe what precisely the patch is supposed
to do. Make sure it is complete with respect to this specific change,
and remove any code not contributing to the change.

Also procedurally, it is not quite clear to me who is contributing these
changes: Jeffrey C. Jacobs, or Matthew Barnett. We will need copyright
forms from the original contributor.
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