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Date 2009-03-03.11:56:10
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I came from issue5391. Here is quote of Victor's message.

>* msvcrt.putch(char), msvcrt.ungetch(char): msvcrt has also:
>  - msvcrt.getch()->byte string of 1 byte
>  - msvcrt.getwch()->unicode string of 1 character
>  - msvcrt.putwch(unicode string of 1 character)
>  - msvcrt_ungetwch(unicode string of 1 character)
>  Hum, putch(), ungetch(), getch() use inconsistent types 
>(unicode/bytes) and should be fixed. Another issue should be open for 
>Notes: msvcrt.putwch() accepts string of length > 1 and 
>msvcrt.ungetwch() doesn't check string length (and so may crash with 
>length=0 or length > 1?).

And msvcrt.ungetwch() calls _ungetch not _ungetwch. Here is the patch
hopefully fixing these issue. (I cannot test wide version of functions
because VC6 don't have them)
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