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Date 2009-03-01.06:12:39
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> What is the goal of bdist_rpm? I haven't seen that stated explicitly
> anywhere, but I assume the goal is to make a fair attempt to easily
> create usable RPMs for some software already using distutil,
> acknowledging that it might not work in all cases (because some projects
> do strange (buggy?) things) and that the RPMs probably can't be used in
> distributions directly (because they probably have their own rules and
> requirements).


> The applied patch makes it possible for bdist_rpm to work in _some_
> situations on Fedora. IMHO that is +1.

I agree. I had another complaint about that patch, though, which is
the addition of an option for not including .pyo files. I still like
to see addition of this option reverted.

> Disabling _unpackaged_files_terminate_build would IMHO be a bad
> solution. That would cause "successful" RPM builds which doesn't include
> all the files distutil installed. And FWIW I don't understand how
> __os_install_post could solve the problem.

IIUC, setting

%define __os_install_post %{___build_post}

should prevent invocation of brp-python-bytecompile.
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