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Date 2009-02-27.22:13:12
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[Found by a Googler who prefers to remain anonymous]

This might be easier to trigger on a 64-bit:

PyObject *PyUnicode_DecodeUTF7Stateful(...)
    Py_ssize_t startinpos;
    while (s < e) {
        outpos = p-PyUnicode_AS_UNICODE(unicode);
        endinpos = s-starts;
        if (unicode_decode_call_errorhandler(
                errors, &errorHandler,
                "utf7", errmsg,
                starts, size, &startinpos, &endinpos, &exc, &s,
                &unicode, &outpos, &p))

The lack of initialization of startinpos will lead to the likelihood of
the value being >= INT_MAX with a 64-bit value, leading to the
subsequent assert [somewhere in unicode_decode_call_errorhandler()]. In
theory the assert could trigger in 32-bit if the uninitialized value
happened to get set to INT_MAX.

The other similar variable also probably need to be initialized.
Furthermore, the function PyUnicode_DecodeUTF8Stateful also has the same
uninitialized variables.
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