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Date 2009-02-19.04:16:21
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def test_leaking_fds_on_error(self):
        # see bug #5179: Popen leaks file descriptors to PIPEs if
        # the child fails to execute; this will eventually exhaust
        # the maximum number of open fds. 1024 seems a very common
        # value for that limit, but Windows has 2048, so we loop
        # 1024 times (each call leaked two fds).
        for i in range(1024):
            # Windows raises IOError
            except (IOError, OSError) as err:
                self.assertEqual(err.errno, 2) 

This test is failing in py3k because errno is not being set on the
exception and is None. I don't have time to investigate more at the moment.
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