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Date 2009-02-18.20:08:18
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Gregory, are you sure you didn't swap the 30-bit and 30-bit+opt results?  On OS X/Core 2 Duo my timings are the other way around:  30bit is 
significantly slower than unpatched, 30bit+opt is a little faster than 
unpatched.  Here are sample numbers:

Macintosh-3:py3k-30bit-opt dickinsm$ ./python.exe ../ 
Time; 2181.3 ms
Macintosh-3:py3k-30bit dickinsm$ ./python.exe ../ 2000
Time; 2987.9 ms
Macintosh-3:py3k dickinsm$ ./python.exe ../ 2000
Time; 2216.2 ms
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