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Author pitrou
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Date 2009-02-17.11:44:25
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Now with the latest patch, and under a 64-bit system (the same one
actually, but with a 64-bit distro):

* pybench is roughly 2% slower 
* timeit -s "a=100000000;b=777777" "a//b"
- before: 0.563 usec per loop
- after: 0.226 usec per loop
* timeit -s "a=100000000;b=777777" "a*b"
- before: 0.179 usec per loop
- after: 0.131 usec per loop
* timeit -s "a=100000000;b=777777" "a+b"
- before: 0.174 usec per loop
- after: 0.134 usec per loop
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