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Date 2009-02-15.17:29:00
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Note that:

This bug now is tracked in Fedora as

The root of the problem on Fedora is that SElinux will give noisy
warnings if python tries to to access or create non-existing foo.pyo for
a packaged Fedoras solution to this is to always create and
package .pyo files to which proper SElinux labels can be attached. The
.pyo files are automatically created by
/usr/lib/rpm/brp-python-bytecompile behind the scenes when a rpm is
build. The problem is that bdist_rpm only knows and lists the .pyo files
created by setup and thus doesn't include the brp-python-bytecompile .pyos.

It could be argued that Fedora thus enforces a custom policy on RPM, and
it should be Fedoras job to complete that job and patch bdist_rpm to
match that custom policy. See the pending patch at

However, it would be nice if Python distutils acknowledged that
downstream Fedora has a special need here and helped solving it. Perhaps
the patch could be accepted in distutils so that bdist_rpm always runs
setup with -O1? Or some other change that could make it easy to
configure/customize distutils to match the platforms needs ...

Finally, note that Fedora and Red Hat (and apparently also Suse and
Mandriva) uses, and rpm5 is a competing fork. (Rpm5 probably
claims that is the evil guys who forked.)

Tarek, I assume you meant you are creating a Fedora 10 or RHEL/CentOS 5 VM?

I will be glad to help testing and answering further questions.
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