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Date 2009-02-12.11:56:48
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Not too worried about either issue.  For the first, it makes the code
closer to its pure python equivalent.  Better to add some math module
function like Matlab's linspace().  It's hard to prevent people from
creating numerical mistakes no matter what.  Besides, now it's possible
to write:  count(Decimal('1.1'), Decimal('.1')) and get exact

For the second, the non-interruptability issue is everpresent throughout
the language.  If we get some uniform way of dealing with it, that would
be great (though I expect it will slow down lots of things we care about
and provide nearly zero benefit).  Since count() and repeat() came out
in itertools eons ago, there have been zero bug reports or user
complaints about the issue.  So, I'll take it as a non-issue.
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