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Author mark.dickinson
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Date 2009-02-11.08:56:52
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Comment by gumtree copied from issue3734 discussion:

> While Mark Dickinson's patch fixes the documentation, it does not 
> a solution to the original problem, which was rooted in a need to 
> provide special behaviour based on the numeric types. I made the 
> original posting because I hoped that this problem could be resolved.

gumtree, would you be interested in working on a patch for this feature-
request?  As mentioned above, the necessary changes are already present 
in 3.x, so all that's entailed is figuring out which bits of the 
Object/complexobject.c in the py3k source need to be transferred to the 
trunk, and making sure that everything's properly tested.

Alternatively, could you explain in a little more detail why this change 
is important to you?  Subclassing complex doesn't seem like a very 
common thing to want to do, so I'm curious about your use case.
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