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Author ryan.freckleton
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Date 2009-02-05.03:30:06
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I think that registering existing functions is an important use case, so
I vote for keeping the non-decorator version of register.

Another thing that we may want to document is that [simple]generic
doesn't dispatch based on registered abstract base classes.

>>> class A:
...     pass
>>> class C:
...     __metaclass__ = abc.ABCMeta
>>> C.register(A)
>>> @generic
... def pprint(obj):
...     print str(obj)
>>> @pprint.register(C)
... def pprint_C(obj):
...     print "Charlie", obj
>>> pprint(C())
Charlie <__main__.C object at 0xb7c5336c>
>>> pprint(A())
<__main__.A instance at 0xb7c5336c>
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