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For reference, here are the (cross-posted) links to the discussion on 
the (now failed) netaddr/ipaddr merge talks :-

Out of interest, here is some data from each project's download 
counters (taken 2nd Feb 2009) :-

project: netaddr
total downloads: 3298
first official release: July 7th, 2008

project: ipaddr 
total downloads: 998
first official release: September 24th, 2008

This only includes those accessing official releases (not direct 
subversion repository access). As these projects are both still less 
the 6 months old its probably difficult to gauge any kind of long term 
trend from this. However, what it does show is the high level of user 
interest in both projects.

I have no desire to continue being a blocker on the decision to include 
ipaddr in the stdlib. At this point, I'm sure we are all keen to move 

As previously stated, netaddr will continue to be a viable alternative 
to those users that prefer its interface, documentation, additional 
features (layer-2 options, etc) and direction.

Choice is a good thing and that choice will remain open to Python users 
as long as their interest persists.
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