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Date 2009-01-30.20:24:51
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On two machines I have seen test_threading hang in ...
HPUX 11.22 ia64,
Solaris 5.8 sparc

The attached file contains the output of running

./apy/bin/python2.5 ./apy/lib/python2.5/test/ -v test_threading

on the problematic machines.

It is necessary to kill one of the subprocesses to force forward
progress. A partial output of 'ps -ef' on the HPUX machine is

andreask 26601 26552  0 12:13:50 pts/1     0:00 ./apy/bin/python2.5
./apy/lib/python2.5/test/ -v tes
andreask 26657 26601  0 12:14:26 pts/1     0:00
/home/andreask/tmp/autotest/apy/bin/python2.5 -c if 1:^J
andreask 26658 26657  0 12:14:26 pts/1     0:00
/home/andreask/tmp/autotest/apy/bin/python2.5 -c if 1:^J

And I usually kill the bottom most process.
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