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Date 2009-01-29.22:34:58
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When doing a urllib2 fetch of a url that results in a redirect, the
connection to the redirect does not pass along the timeout of the
original url opener.  The result is that the redirected url fetch (which
is a new request) will get the default socket timeout, instead of the
timeout that the user requested originally.  This is obviously a bug.

So we have in in 2.6.1:

def http_error_302(self, req, fp, code, msg, headers):

this should be:
    return, timeout=req.timeout)

or something in that vein.

Of course, to be 100% correct, you should probably keep track of how
much time has elapsed since the original url fetch went out, and reduce
the timeout based on this, but I'm not asking for miracles :-)

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