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Date 2009-01-28.00:25:04
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As far as Twisted is concerned, the two cases Tarek mentioned aren't
really relevant.  In order for Zooko's use case to be handled ("install
Twisted on an OLPC"), what would be ideal is if there were a way to tell
distutils about an extension which is optional.  It doesn't matter if it
can be built or not.  Any failure is irrelevant.

This doesn't necessarily have to mean that errors pass silently.  The
build failure can still be reported.  The build could even fail by
default and distutils could gain a new option for switching the behavior
to succeeding if only optional extensions fail to build.  Or it could be
the other way around, with an option to make the build fail if any
optional extensions cannot be built (this approach favors people who
don't really know what a "build" is and just want something installed,
leaving the more advanced option to people who are able to figure out
that there are options that control build behavior).
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