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Author skip.montanaro
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Date 2009-01-25.22:00:06
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Here's a patch against the current trunk (2.7) which compiles on my Mac.  It
adds a --with-dtrace configure option.  The code checks to see if the -G
option is understood by the dtrace command.  If so, dtrace support is added
Sun-style.  If not we do things Apple's way.

The existing test cases pass on Apple except for one case in test_sys which
tries to confirm the size of a frame object.  I added an #ifdef WITH_DTRACE
around the extra slot but there is no way of telling from Python code that
this extra slot is there.  That would have to somehow be exposed to the
Python programmer so the test can be adjusted.  All tests pass when
--with-dtrace is omitted.  I have not yet tried this on Solaris.  I will try
to get to it this week if someone doesn't beat me to it.

There are as yet no new dtrace test cases so I can't confirm that the added
dtrace support actually works.  There are also no documentation updates.
Unlike most compile options this adds a significant new feature to the
runtime environment so some documentation changes are probably called for.
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