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Date 2009-01-24.01:10:10
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This error can be replicated on the command line with suitable quoting
of the -outdir option: 
swig -c++ "-outdir ." 

You need to pass the options correctly by separating them out, so use:

swig_opts=['-c++', '-I@HEPMCINCPATH@', '-outdir', '.']

I suggest distutils is fixed to show the quotes it is effectively adding
when displaying the command, so for the example Andy gave it should display:

swigging ./hepmc.i to ./hepmc_wrap.cpp
swig -python -c++ -I/home/andy/heplocal/include "-outdir ." -o
./hepmc_wrap.cpp ./hepmc.i

The quotes would need adding for display when a user has a space in any
of the options passed to SWIG (including the include_dirs etc).
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