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Date 2009-01-23.02:00:45
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me> I get an error later running dtrace which I have yet to investigate.

Apple's dtrace program doesn't support the -G flag.  When I remove it from and rebuild I get an error about privileges:

    dtrace -o Python/dtrace.o  -C -s ./Python/python.d Python/ceval.o
    dtrace: failed to initialize dtrace: DTrace requires additional privileges

I tried adding "sudo" to the dtrace command.  Then it prompts for my
password and emits this error:

    sudo dtrace -o Python/dtrace.o  -C -s ./Python/python.d Python/ceval.o
    dtrace: failed to compile script ./Python/python.d: line 11: extraneous argument 'Python/ceval.o' ($1 is not referenced)

I'm not sure what to do at this point.  I'm not really a dtrace person.
Perhaps the Apple and Sun dtrace experts can offer a way out of this little

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