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I don't have Python2.6 installed. I just have ever read a bench article
comparing the performance between different version of Python, including
2.5, 2.6 and 3.0. That article shows, for the same script, Python2.6 has
longer running time than Python2.5. My application is a build system and
the users are very care about the time spent in build. That's why I have
the performance concern.

What concerns me more is the stdout/stderr redirection. Python2.6 manual
says they cannot be redirected if close_fds is set to True. My
application relies on the I/O redirection to control the screen output
from subprocess.

Actually I have had a work-around for this issue. It works very well so
far. I reported a bug here just because I want the Python to be better.
I learned it one year ago but I love this language. I just hope nobody
else encounter such problem again. If you guys think it won't be fixed
in Python 2.5 or has been fixed in Python 2.6, it's OK to close this
tracker. Thanks for your time.
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