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Author gvanrossum
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Date 2009-01-16.17:33:26
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I think this is my fault.  I should have used the proper repr() of the
filename in the repr() of a file object from the beginning, then this
wouldn't have been a problem.

I think we should let this rest for Python 2.x (except for fixing the
test suite).  Fortunately this is gone in 3.x for any number of reasons.

Here's my "proof" that we should let it rest.

If nobody were parsing the repr() of file objects, then we could easily
fix this.  However, the reason this was brought up in the first place is
that people *are* parsing file object repr()s.  So now fixing it would
create backwards compatibility problems.  I'd rather live with an
inconsistency (until 2.x is dead) than introduce more backwards
incompatibility into 2.7.
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