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Author oopos
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Date 2009-01-15.09:02:39
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Python 3.0 (r30:67507, Dec  3 2008, 20:14:27) [MSC v.1500 32 bit
(Intel)] on win32
Hi,I user Python! 
UnicodeDecodeError	Python 3.0: G:\cgi\python\python.exe
Thu Jan 15 16:46:34 2009

A problem occurred in a Python script. Here is the sequence of function
calls leading up to the error, in the order they occurred.
 G:\webserver\xampp\cgi-bin\ in ()
  108 # get form
  109 opsform = cgi.FieldStorage()
  111 print ("<br>","form-data:","<br>",opsform,"<br>")
opsform undefined, cgi = <module 'cgi' from 'G:\cgi\python\lib\'>,
cgi.FieldStorage = <class 'cgi.FieldStorage'>
 G:\cgi\python\lib\ in __init__(self=FieldStorage(None, None, []),
fp=None, headers={'content-length': '671631', 'content-type':
boundary=---------------------------9699301019407'}, outerboundary='',
environ=<os._Environ object at 0x00C90C50>, keep_blank_values=0,
  477             self.read_urlencoded()
  478         elif ctype[:10] == 'multipart/':
  479             self.read_multi(environ, keep_blank_values,
  480         else:
  481             self.read_single()
self = FieldStorage(None, None, []), self.read_multi = <bound method
FieldStorage.read_multi of FieldStorage(None, None, [])>, environ =
<os._Environ object at 0x00C90C50>, keep_blank_values = 0,
strict_parsing = 0
 G:\cgi\python\lib\ in read_multi(self=FieldStorage(None, None,
[]), environ=<os._Environ object at 0x00C90C50>, keep_blank_values=0,
  597         # Create bogus content-type header for proper multipart
  598         parser.feed('Content-Type: %s; boundary=%s\r\n\r\n' %
(self.type, ib))
  599         parser.feed(
  600         full_msg = parser.close()
  601         # Get subparts
parser = <email.feedparser.FeedParser object at 0x00DD5650>, parser.feed
= <bound method FeedParser.feed of <email.feedparser.FeedParser object
at 0x00DD5650>>, self = FieldStorage(None, None, []), self.fp =
<io.TextIOWrapper object at 0x00BE3FB0>, = <bound method of <io.TextIOWrapper object at 0x00BE3FB0>>
 G:\cgi\python\lib\ in read(self=<io.TextIOWrapper object at
0x00BE3FB0>, n=-1)
 1722             # Read everything.
 1723             result = (self._get_decoded_chars() +
 1724                       decoder.decode(, final=True))
 1725             self._set_decoded_chars('')
 1726             self._snapshot = None
decoder = <encodings.gbk.IncrementalDecoder object at 0x00DB7AB0>,
decoder.decode = <built-in method decode of IncrementalDecoder object at
0x00DB7AB0>, self = <io.TextIOWrapper object at 0x00BE3FB0>, self.buffer
= <io.BufferedReader object at 0x00BE3F90>, = <bound
method of <io.BufferedReader object at 0x00BE3F90>>,
final undefined

UnicodeDecodeError: 'gbk' codec can't decode bytes in position 157-158:
illegal multibyte sequence
      args = ('gbk',
157, 159, 'illegal multibyte sequence')
      encoding = 'gbk'
      end = 159
      object =
      reason = 'illegal multibyte sequence'
      start = 157
      with_traceback = <built-in method with_traceback of
UnicodeDecodeError object at 0x00DB7BF0>

l:\tmp_dir\tmpxyeojf.html contains the description of this error. 

I am newbie for python under the windows.
I find that the cgi module always work wrong for the binary files to upload.
I find that it cannot auto to discern the files' mode and alway use the
default mode : 'TEXT'.
So I want to change the sys.stdin 's mode to BINARY to support the
binary files.
I got this way:
 import msvcrt,os
 msvcrt.setmode(0,os.O_BINARY) # for stdin 
 msvcrt.setmode(1,os.O_BINARY) # for stdout
but it isn't work,too.
I know use C progam language can use this function:
  freopen("somefilename","mode","stdin or stdout") to redirect the file
Can every one help me ?

Best Regards

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