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Thank you very much for the trying. You might miss the step 4 in my
previous message. The step is:

  C:\test\edk2> edksetup.bat
  C:\test\edk2> set PYTHONPATH=C:\test\tools\Source\Python
  C:\test\edk2> python.exe C:\test\tools\Source\Python\build\
-n 2 -p IntelFrameworkModulePkg\IntelFrameworkModulePkg.dsc -a IA32 -s

The Visual Studio 2005 must be in the standard installation directory.
Otherwise the C:\test\edk2\Conf\tools_def.txt needs to be changed to
reflect the real path.

And I tried to disabled all antivirus services and the problem is still

Don't worry about the binary version of build in
edk2\BaseTools\Bin\Win32 (linked against Python 2.5.2). The step I told
you is to execute my application from Python script directly. And I
tried to execute from script source against Python 2.5.4 and the problem
is the same. And no matter running the build from script source or the
freeze-ed binary, the results are the same either.

If it's hard or inconvenient for you to reproduce it, could you please
give me any advice or suggestion on how to debug it (in the interpreter)
and where's most possible place the root cause would be in the Python
interpreter's code? I can try to change something in the Python
interpreter's code, rebuild it and try it on my machine. Although I have
work around for this problem, I'd like to root cause it to avoid further
possible build break of our project.
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