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Date 2009-01-13.23:38:59
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It is not an issue with debug builds only.  The crt error handler is 
currently also reset globally for all builds which is very evil.

The current way we do thing is also not thread safe WRT other 
application threads.  On second thought though it is better to at least 
keep this modification within the bounds of the GIL.  I'll change the 
patch for that.

IMHO, the issue for the posix fd functions isn't that great, since 
hardly anyone would want to use them on windows.  The main issue is 
still the open() call.  This one is possible to avoid too without 
invoking changin the crt behaviour, by simply ramping up the 
_sanitize_mode function.

I'll put in some more effort then, because I think it is really 
important for Python to leave the crt settings alone, and still be sure 
that random input can't have unforeseen consequences.
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