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Author kristjan.jonsson
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Date 2009-01-13.09:21:34
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The repr for fileobjects is inconsistent.  On windows:
f = file("tmp\\foo", "wb")
<open file 'tmp\foo', mode 'wb' at ...>
f = file(u"tmp\\foo", "wb")
<open file u'tmp\\foo', mode 'wb' at ...>

For unicode, the filename is a proper "repr", but for a string it is 
just the plain string, enclosed in single quotes.  Note that I consider 
the string case in error.  Like the repr of a list or tuple, it should 
be a string containin the repr of its components.

This leads to problems in the testsuite on vista.

I propose to change this with the patch provided, which always displays 
the repr of the filename.  It may have side effects in the testsuite, I 
will add a separate file for that.
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