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Author mhammond
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Date 2009-01-02.11:10:51
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Attaching a new patch with some typos in the comments corrected.  While
I'm here, I also meant to mention (again!):

* No need to remove the the assembly from the sxs cache - the test
"fails correctly" with VS2009 installed.  FWIW, I compiled test.c from
the command line with:
  % cl /I {pypath}\include /I {pypath}\PC /DDEBUG /D_DEBUG /MTd test.c
/LINK {pypath}\pcbuild\python26_d.lib

* It appears the sxscache and the "gac" are indeed different things,
although at least one MS page refers to the sxscache as the "native
assembly cache" <wink/sigh>
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