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About quoted printable, there are two implementations:
 - binascii.a2b_qp() (Modules/binascii.c): C implementation, use 
PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords(args, kwargs, "s*|i", ...) to parse the 
 - quopri.decode() (Lib/ Python implementation
   => quopri.decodestring() uses io.BytesIO() to parse the data

But quopri.decodestring() reuses binascii.a2b_qp() if the binascii 
module is present. So quopri.decodestring behaviour depends of the 
presence of binascii module...
 - binascii present: accept bytes or unicode
 - missing binascii: accept only bytes!

binascii.a2b_qp() encodes unicode string to UTF-8 bytes string.
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