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Date 2009-01-01.02:00:15
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hm, all addresses have a subnet, even if its an implied /32, so
specifying a network as ("", "") seems a lot more
off-putting than "". You're also much more likely to see the
latter in network devices. I guess I don't see the utility in an address
range of .1 - .22 (or something arbitrary, something which doesn't fall
on a power-of-2 boundary); when dealing with ranges of addresses, i've
always only wanted to/needed to manipulate sub-networks of addresses.

and my expectation was always that method names, etc. would have to be
converted to more closely match other python code; ipaddr was written to
google's python style guide, which I understand can be different than
the style guide ;)

also, ipaddr does make extensive use of pydoc, but you're right, the
webpage is spartan.

happy (PST) new year.

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