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Author lemburg
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Date 2008-12-27.13:21:06
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On 2008-12-26 22:09, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> This patch implements what is usually called "threaded code" for the
> ceval loop on compilers which support it (only gcc). The idea is that
> there is a separate opcode dispatch epilog at the end of each opcode,
> which allows the CPU to make much better use of its branch prediction
> capabilities. The net result is a 15-20% average speedup on pybench and
> pystone, with higher speedups on very tight loops (see below for the
> full pybench result chart).

Now I know why you want opcode stats in pybench :-)

This looks like a promising approach. Is is possible to backport
this change to Python 2.x as well ?
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