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new svn diff attached

the indentation in this file is not my fault, it has tabs all over it...

The 5kb limits protects from the overhead of releasing the GIL. With
very small buffers the overall runtime in my benchmark tends to double.
I set it based on my testing and it remains being arbitrary to a certain
degree. Set the limit to 1 and try 1.000.000 times b'abc'...

May I also suggest to change the zlib module not to accept s* but y*:
 - Internally zlib operates on bytes, characters don't mean a thing in
 - We rely on s* performing the encoding into default for us. This
behaviour is hidden from the programmer and somewhat violates the rule
of least surprise.
 - type(zlib.decompress(zlib.compress('abc'))) == bytes
 - Changing from s* to y* forces the programmer to use .encode() on his
strings (e.g. zlib.compress('abc'.encode()) which very clearly shows
what's happening.
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