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In a package, "import local1, local2" is not fixed. Here's some real
live 2to3 output showing the problem and the workaround:
 import ExcelFormulaParser, ExcelFormulaLexer
-import ExcelFormulaParser
-import ExcelFormulaLexer
+from . import ExcelFormulaParser
+from . import ExcelFormulaLexer
 import sys, struct
-from antlr import ANTLRException
+from .antlr import ANTLRException

As a solution that covers cases like "import sys, local1, local2" is
possibly difficult, I suggest putting out a warning that a manual fix
(one import per line) may be required. I've put this kludge in my copy

 def probably_a_local_import(imp_name, file_path):
+    if "," in imp_name:
+        print("*** Can't handle import %r in %s" % (imp_name, file_path))
     # Must be stripped because the right space is included by the parser
     imp_name = imp_name.split('.', 1)[0].strip()
     base_path = dirname(file_path)
     base_path = join(base_path, imp_name)

[Aside: "right space"? Possibly should be "left space"]

and it produces:

*** Can't handle import ' ExcelFormulaParser, ExcelFormulaLexer' in
*** Can't handle import ' sys, struct' in
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