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Author sjmachin
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Date 2008-12-24.22:39:24
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File is [cut down (orig 87Kb)] output of 2to3 conversion tool
and (coincidentally) is still valid 2.x syntax. There are no syntax
errors reported by any of the following:
   \python26\python -c "import foo3"
   \python26\python install
   \python30\python -c "import foo3"
However 3.0 install
   \python30\python install
running install_lib
copying build\lib\ -> C:\python30\Lib\site-packages
byte-compiling C:\python30\Lib\site-packages\ to foo3.pyc
  File "C:\python30\Lib\site-packages\", line 0
### Note also "line 0" above ###
SyntaxError: unknown encoding: cp1252
Same happens if alternative name windows-1252 is used instead of cp1252.

NOTE: file actually does have some non-ASCII characters (\xa0,
\x93, \x94), in comments. Another file ( from the same package
contains \xb7 twice, but doesn't have the unknown encoding problem.
There are several other files in the same package that start with "# -*-
coding: windows-1252 -*-" (or cp1252, or even cp1251(!)) but have no
non-ASCII characters in them. They don't get this incorrect error
message either.
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