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Date 2008-12-22.23:58:00
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> Now that 2.6 and 3.0 are out of the way, how should we move forward?

I think some committer needs to take charge and work with the authors
on merging the code. If pmoody wants commit access, that should be set
up, and he should add it himself in a commit-after-review manner (with
an actual patch, including documentation and tests).

If he doesn't want to do the integration, some committer needs to
volunteer - I personally won't (lack of time).

In any case, we would need a copyright form signed, unless Guido can
confirm that the code is covered by some agreement between Google and
the PSF.

> Will a PEP be required?

I doubt that; a quick announcement to python-dev might be sufficient
(in general, a PEP should only be done if dissent is likely). It
seems that Victor didn't actually disagree to integrating this
package; we should somehow encourage IPy users to review the code
and comment on the (possibly lack of) functionality.
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