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Author lemburg
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Date 2008-12-22.14:18:05
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On 2008-12-22 15:07, Mark Dickinson wrote:
> Mark Dickinson <> added the comment:
> Thanks for the responses!
>> I don't think should go into 3.0.1 - they are a new feature
>> and not a bug fix.
> But if these changes don't go into 3.0.1, and the removal of cmp does, 
> that means that pybench won't run on 3.0.1.  It seems to me that we could 
> make a strong case for this being a bugfix...

... or a good case for not removing cmp() from 3.0.1 :-)

I have a feeling that people are mixing up the reasons for removal
of the __cmp__ slot and the utility of the cmp() builtin. Those
two should be treated as separate issues, IMHO.

Anyway, like I said: the release manager should decide.
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