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From the thread in c.l.p: 

Pros (of changing os.pipe() to return inheritable pipes):
- as it isn't explicitely documented whether os.pipe() returns 
inheritable pipes or not, both versions are "right" according to the 

- if someone relies on pipes being non-inheritable on Windows (why?), 
this is undocumented behaviour, and Python has the right to change it.

- would improve POSIX compatibility, it mimics what os.pipe()
does on those OS

- inheritable pipes are less surprising for guys coming from other OS

- inheritable pipes are a lot more useful than non-inheritable ones 
when doing IPC (probably its main usage).
- os.pipe has behaved that way since long time ago.

- some programs *might* break, if they relied on pipes being 
non-inheritable on Windows, even if that was undocumented behaviour.
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