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Date 2008-12-20.12:32:10
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On 2008-12-20 11:54, Mark Dickinson wrote:
> New submission from Mark Dickinson <>:
> pybench needs to be updated for Python 3.0, in particular to remove use of 
> cmp.  Here's a patch, against the py3k branch.
> Questions (mainly for Marc-André Lemburg):  
> 1. Should the version number be bumped for *all* tests, or just for those 
> that have changed?  Assuming all tests.

Just the tests that have been updated.

Since there have been a number of small changes, I think it's
time to also change the pybench version itself to 2.1 (not 3.0;
that's reserved for more major changes).

> 2. Presumably these changes should appear in 3.0.1, and should be 
> backported to 2.x. Backport this to 2.6.2?  Or just 2.7?

I don't think they should go into 3.0.1 - they are a new feature
and not a bug fix.

I'll leave that decision to the release manager.

Please backport to 2.7 only.

> 3. Should I update the sample output in the README file?  I was going to 
> just change the PYBENCH 2.0 line to PYBENCH 3.0, but that seems a little 
> bit bogus without updating the rest.

Please run the suite and add the complete new output.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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