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Author mark.dickinson
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Date 2008-12-20.10:53:51
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pybench needs to be updated for Python 3.0, in particular to remove use of 
cmp.  Here's a patch, against the py3k branch.

Questions (mainly for Marc-André Lemburg):  

1. Should the version number be bumped for *all* tests, or just for those 
that have changed?  Assuming all tests.

2. Presumably these changes should appear in 3.0.1, and should be 
backported to 2.x. Backport this to 2.6.2?  Or just 2.7?

3. Should I update the sample output in the README file?  I was going to 
just change the PYBENCH 2.0 line to PYBENCH 3.0, but that seems a little 
bit bogus without updating the rest.
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