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Date 2008-12-12.16:50:13
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This looks good.  If it's okay with you, I'll work on the documentation 
a little (we need an entry in whatsnew, and a description of the 
semantics of numbits for 0 and negative integers.) Then I think this 
will be ready.

> I prefer to keep the "fast path" (use _PyLong_NumBits) as *you* 
> proposed in another message: Message75767.

Sorry---I wasn't clear.  I wasn't suggesting getting rid of the fast 
path---I was suggesting inlining the _PyLong_NumBits code in 
long_numbits (leaving _PyLong_NumBits itself intact, of course).  It 
would eliminate all the messing around with exceptions.  But I think the 
current code is fine.
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