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Author jhylton
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Date 2008-11-24.17:32:14
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This patch makes sense in principle, but some of the details need to
change.  The _send_output() method is used by some clients, merely
because it can be used :-(.  It's fairly easy to preserve this API for
backwards compatibility.

I am also worried about this new api call getheaderdata().  It
complicates the API.  Even if it were necessary, it needs a better name,
because getheaderdata() doesn't sound like a method that changes the
connection state or consumes buffered header data.

I think it would be better to have the new behavior exposed only through
HTTPConnection and not HTTP, since that's a Python 1.5.2 compatibility
API(!).  We can make some small changes to xmlrpclib to use the newer
API.  It would probably be a good change merely because py3k now uses
the newer API.

I've got a working local change, but it's still a little ugly.
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