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Date 2008-11-18.15:28:08
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It's important that dependencies of grammar.h get rebuilt if graminit.h
is regenerated (e.g. the Grammar is modified). If these dependencies do
not get rebuilt, the constants associated with each type of parse node
will have inconsistent values between the different intermediate files.

The net result is that a program afflicted by this might build without
errors, but then crash unexpectedly at runtime due to the inconsistent
constant values.

The patch is quite simple and ensures that all files that currently
depend on graminit.h are rebuilt if it changes.

It also removes an unnecessary #include from Python/future.c.

I believe a similar situation might occur with Python-ast.h and the
*_kind enumerations, but have yet to run into such a specific issue.
I'll post a separate patch if I do find this to be a problem.
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