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Author vstinner
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Date 2008-11-14.18:28:40
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Since timedelta(3) // 2 is already accepted, divmod should also accept 
integers (but not float).

With the last patch and "from __future__ import division", we support:
  timedelta // <timedelta or int>
  timedelta / timedelta
  divmod(timedelta, timedelta)

What do you think about:
  timedelta / <timedelta or int or float>  # only with __future__.divison
  timedelta // <timedelta or int>
  timedelta % <timedelta or int>
  divmod(timedelta, <timedelta or int>)
  timedelta // int -> timedelta
  timedelta // timedelta -> int
  timedelta % int -> timedelta
  timedelta % timedelta -> int
  divmod(timedelta, int) -> (timedelta, timedelta)
  divmod(timedelta, timedelta) -> (int, timedelta)
  timedelta / <anything> -> float # __future__.divison
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